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"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

Food from scratch to nourish your mind and body, with a passion for natural and organic ingredients


About me

My name is Sheila Tompkins and I am a Private Natural Chef and dietary advisor, trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London, UK. I was born and grew up in Brazil, where I developed my love of nature and the importance of cooking with and eating organic ingredients from scratch. I have had many jobs during my life - from bookkeeper to dancer - but have always retained a passion for food and for the wide range of benefits it can have for our bodies and minds. I am an unashamed 'foodie' - I appreciate the work that goes into producing high quality and healthy meals and am totally against the use of unnecessary additives and preservatives when a natural option is available. I am a strong believer that when you care for your gut, by eating natural ingredients, and food that hasn't gone through various levels of processing, you will be healthier, you will feel better in yourself, you will be more productive and you will have greater clarity of thought and purpose. It is now my ambition in life to share my views, my knowledge and my passion with others. I provide therapeutic dietary advice for all types of ailments, helping clients to make better food choices and change their mindset. I also work as a private chef and can be hired for all sorts of events - from romantic dinners for two at home to catering for groups of friends, or providing canapes for refreshments for corporate events. I am based in London, UK, but regularly travel and am happy to discuss your requirements wherever you are based in the world. Dietary advice can be provided through virtual or face to face sessions. Get in touch through the Contact tab at the top of this page to discuss your requirements.


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My food beliefs and principles

Thank you for finding your way to my site! Now you're here you may be wondering about its name - The Naked Natural Chef. And it's not because you will find videos of me cooking in my birthday suit!


As I set out above, my upbringing and the way I have lived my life has always led me to love cooking from scratch, using ingredients that haven't been processed, are organic and preferably straight from the ground, the tree, the plant or the sea. In other words, 'naked' ingredients. I am ideologically opposed to the use of processed foods where a natural alternative is available and think the number of preservatives, additives and sugars that are added to so many of our foodstuffs today are responsible for a number of the health epidemics we are seeing - from diabetes to obesity.


Through this site, I want to help you understand and share my passion for naked, natural food and home cooking for great health outcomes. I've decided to share some of my favourite recipes, my tips for healthy breakfasts, snacks and dinners and my views on nutrition and how to look after your body.

For a more private and tailored service, I can act as your personal therapeutic dietary advisor or as a private chef for one-off or regular meals for you and your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Get in touch through the Contact tab above to discuss your personalised requirements.


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My influences and interests

My passion is for great, home-cooked food and I will always recommend this above any processed or mass produced food from fast food or busy restaurant chains. However, I have to admit that my 'guilty pleasure' is enjoying a good meal at the restaurants of one of my favourite chefs, especially those who excel in creative and experimental dishes that help us all push the limits of the art of the possible in the kitchen.
Of particular note from visits in 2020 were Marcus Wareing's restaurant in The Berkeley (Knightsbridge, London, UK) and Jose Avillez's Belcanto restaurant (Lisbon, Portugal).
The important difference between chefs like Marcus and Jose and others is their creation of a culinary experience for visitors to their restaurants. It is always so much more than a meal. It is an orgasmic taste sensation, and I always leave feeling inspired, more creative and in awe of what they have been able to achieve.

Some of my favourite dishes

These are some of my favourite dishes that I have made from scratch. Each one has a caption and description of what it is good for.

Testimonials and reviews

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