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Private Chef services

As a private chef operating in Hertfordshire and London (but able to travel further afield if necessary - travel expenses to be covered), I offer a range of culinary services. I provide excellent quality, healthy, organic (wherever possible) home cooked food. I cater for special occasions for small or slightly larger groups, or can provide beautifully prepared and well packaged meals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I provide a drop-off service within London and Hertfordshire, and can fit into your busy schedules.

For special occasion dinners, I am able to cook while you are home or, as long as you are happy to give access, while you are out so that your meals are ready when you arrive home. I aim to provide restaurant quality food with the added bonus of being cooked from scratch, with love, and using the highest quality, organic and nutritional ingredients.

I am able to vary my menus to your individual taste palates and have experience of a range of different international cuisines, having travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, South America and Australasia. Wherever I travel I like to pick up the local tastes, cooking techniques and ideas and incorporate that into my own food styles. Just get in touch to talk through your requirements and I will devise and agree with you a suitable menu to meet all your dietary and taste needs.

Having studied as a Natural Chef at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, I am well versed in cooking natural food for all sorts of dietary requirements and will amend my menu options as necessary.

In terms of price, I am passionate about the idea that everyone should be able to have access to this sort of food, as I want everyone to understand and love the health benefits of cooking from scratch as much as I do. Therefore I will work with you to come up with a menu to suit your budgets as well as your tastes. What I can guarantee no matter your budget choices is that you will have a delicious, nutritious meal that uses the highest quality organic and seasonal ingredients.

Contact me via the contact tab above, or the contact form on the homepage, and we can talk about your requirements.

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My recipes

To give you a flavour of some of my food passions and cooking styles, I am making some of my personal favourite recipes available here. Head over to my Cookpad site via the links below to find and follow these recipe ideas:

Food Advisor services

As a private food advisor, I am able to provide you with bespoke advice to help you deal with a range of conditions and concerns as well as helping you to reach your weight and health goals in an effective way through better nutrition.

Having studied as a Natural Chef at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, I am not medically qualified and don't claim to be. However, my knowledge and experience is able to help you make better food and nutrition decisions and, if you stick to my diet plans, you will definitely start to see the results you want - whether that is weight loss, better skin, less fatigue and tiredness or less bloating. I can also advise on how to eat healthily and without losing access to tasty meal options, if you suffer from conditions like diabetes, obesity or gluten/dairy intolerance.

I have several case studies of clients who have seen incredible results, including one person who lost more than 20kg in less than six months as a result of my nutritional plans alongside exercise and a committed mindset.

Get in touch via the contact page or the contact form on the homepage and we can talk about your requirements and come up with a plan of action. In terms of price, I offer services on a scale from simply providing advice, to incorporating a weekly menu, and also cooking and delivery of food. I can tailor my costs depending on your personal and bespoke needs.

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